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Why Instruct a Commercial Agency to Sell Your Business or Commercial Property Rather than Trying to Save Costs by Selling Privately.

A Business or Commercial property owner should instruct a Commercial Agency to sell their business or property rather than trying to sell it privately themselves as it is a complex process that requires expertise, market knowledge, and strategic planning. A Commercial Agent (Business Transfer Agent) finds ideal prospective buyers. They create competition amongst buyers thereby […]

7 Key Reasons to Sell Your Business Before a General Election

Act Now: 7 Key Reasons to Sell Your Business Before the General Election The general election on July 4th brings major implications for businesses. If you’re thinking about selling your business, act now. Sell your business before the general election, or at least give thought to speeding up that decision. Here’s why: Political and Economic […]

Purchasing a Mixed-Use Commercial Investment Property in the UK – 7 Essential Steps

Purchasing a Mixed-Use Commercial Property in the UK – 7 Steps Investing in a mixed-use commercial property in the UK can offer the best of both the residential and commercial property market and has been a popular investment choice for savvy commercial property investors for many years. What is a mixed-use property? As the name […]

Reading, Berkshire Commercial Lettings: A Growing Market

Commercial Lettings in Reading, Berkshire: A Growing Market   Amidst the recent economic challenges, including rising interest rates, heightened inflation, and the so-called cost of living crisis, Lansley Commercial has noticed a notable trend unfolding. We’ve observed a growing popularity and heightened demand for our commercial lettings in Reading whilst conversely witnessing a slight decline […]

Your Guide to Thriving: Buying a Commercial Property in Surrey

Buying a Commercial Property in Surrey   Buying a commercial property in Surrey, UK can be a lucrative investment given Surrey’s economic stability and proximity to London. Here’s a guide to help you navigate through the process and thrive in your investment: Define Your Objectives Determine the purpose of your investment. Are you looking for […]

How to prepare your commercial property for letting.

Introduction: Whether you’re a seasoned landlord or new to the world of commercial investment property ownership, understanding how to prepare your property for letting in the UK can significantly impact your property’s attractiveness to potential tenants. From a marketing perspective this will help to ensure that your commercial property stands out in a competitive market […]

Preparing to sell your Business – What is required.

Preparing to sell your Business -What is required.     What is required before selling your business? When preparing your business to sell in the UK,  it is recommended that the business seller (vendor) have all their documents and information (preliminary due diligence) on hand before placing it on the market. When selling a business, […]

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